Air temperature, ˚C

Latvijas karte

Annual mean air temperature, 1961-1990 period average value

Latvijas karte

Annual mean air temperature, 2071 - 2100 period average value in RCP 4.5 scenario


Climate Change Analysis Tool allows you to explore the current and the projected future climate in Latvia in the form of maps and graphs. Maps display 30 year average values of the selected climate indices. The map to the left depicts the observed climate index values over the period from 1961 to 1990, while the one to the right - climate model forecast for the selected climate index, time period and climate change scenario. Depending on the selected time period and the climate change scenario, maps shown on the right can be changed. The graph displays the values of selected climate index in the selected observing station. The blue line shows the annual observed climate index values, while the yellow and the red lines show forecasted 30 year period average climate index values according to various climate change scenarios.

Climate Change Analysis Tool was developed within the project “Development of Proposal for National Adaptation Strategy, Including Identification of Scientific Data, Measures for Adapting to Changing Climate, Impact and Cost Evaluation”. Project results are presented in the report “Climate change scenarios for Latvia” (in Latvian) and in the summary of the report (in English).

More information about Climate Change Analysis Tool is available in the Tool Guide.

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